Welcome to Best Greek Food.

Our main goal is to promote Greek producers and companies of the food and beverage industry in both the domestic and international markets.

Best Greek Food is an initiative by ELA, in collaboration with Media Innovation.

Respectful to Greek entrepreneurship, we aim to help our local producers and companies promote their products worldwide. Our goal is to spread the excellence and quality of traditional Greek goods.

By linking our traditional products with the areas of production, we want to introduce you to the beauty and culinary habits of our country, while also offering the opportunity of direct contact between local producers and potential buyers from all over the world.


Our vision is to create a virtual exhibition of traditional Greek products of the food & beverage industry:

  •        To effectively promote Greek producers and their products worldwide.
  •        To highlight the beauty and distinct character of each of our regions. 
  •        To introduce you to the excellent quality and diversity of our culinary heritage. 
  •        To build direct and confident relationships between local producers and importers around the world.
  •        To establish an expanded sales network.
  •        To promote the nutritional values of the Mediterranean and Greek diet.


Our innovative ideas are the points of our excellence:

  •        Each producer can easily create his own microsite within our portal to promote his company and products and use it independently.
  •         We target the international markets by sending weekly, promotional newsletters to potential buyers in Greece and abroad.
  •         BestGreekFood is a user-friendly portal that makes it easy for everyone to find everything they seek.