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Achaia harmoniously combines mountain and sea - something very pleasing to the eye. A visit to the prefecture of Achaia will offer you numerous sights of natural beauty such as wetlands and forests, the unique pine forest of Strofilia which is protected by the Ramsar Convention, the Kaniskas forest, the lakes of Prokopos and Tsivlou, the great lake of Ladonas, the lagoon of Papa, canyons like that of Vouraikos and many beautiful mountainous and coastline landscapes.

Patra, which is the capital of Achaia, is a diverse city with big squares and buildings with arches (Psila Alonia, the civil theatre Apollon – a copy of the Teatro all Scala of Milan, the Trade Association building designed by architect Ernst Ziller, the local wine-making company Achaia Clauss, where visitors can participate in wine-tasting.)

In Aigio one may find ruins of the ancient town. Kalavrita is worth visiting with its beautiful cobbled streets and many important monuments such as the monastery of Saint Lavra and that of the Megalo Spileo.

what to buy
  • Mavrodaphne and moschato wine

  • Olive oil

  • Olives

  • Kalavrita feta cheese

  • Tendura (local cinnamon liqueur)

  • Kalavrita rodozahari (rose petal sweet)

  • Tsipouro (drink made from distilled grape marc)

  • Vanilla flavor honey

  • Beans

  • Halvas & Loukoumia

  • Trahanas (type of pasta)

  • tea

  • Chamomile

what to see
  • The town of Patra, especially during the Carnival season

  • Patra archaeological museum

  • Aigio and Panagia Tripiti church

  • Aigio archaeological museum

  • Kalavrita: Agia Lavra & Megalo Spileo monasteries, Thisia Museum, Oria castle, ski centre

  • Strofilia forest

  • Swimming in the Tsivlou lake

  • Villages: Zarouchla, Zachlorou, Kalentzi and their stone-built houses

  • Beaches: Akrata, Kato Achaia, Diakopto

what to taste

The greater area is renowned for its great variety of olives ( koroneiki, koutsourelia, mothonia, lianolia) and also for the great variety of local dairy products, feta cheese from Kalavrita being the most prominent. There are also many grape varieties such as Mavrodafni (this product is of Protected Designation of Origin), Moschato Rio, which is thought to be very similar to the French Muscat de Frontignan, Roditis and of course the local tsipouro. The Tendura drink is a local traditional liqueur with the distinct aromas of cinnamon and cloves.

The traditional tavernas serve homemade bread made of local wheat and baked in wood ovens as well as kayianas, which are made with homemade pasta, tomatoes and eggs. In the mountainous areas one should try the different meats (lamb, veal, chicken) either charcoaled or cooked according to local recipes. Other delicious local dishes are: rooster with pasta, lamb casserole, rabbit stifado (cooked with shallots), beans from Akrata and Kalavrita. Most people accompany their meals with handpicked greens (horta).

Try fresh trout fried, boiled or grilled at the villages of Planitero and Tripotama in the Daphne area. Of course there is ample fresh fish at the tavernas on the coastline where one can try delicious sea bass, grey mullet and eel from the Papa lagoon and the Prokopos lake, or try anchovies at the fishing village of Alikes.

When visiting the Aroania borough you must try the famous formaela (type of cheese) pie. Do not forget to try sweets, spoon sweets and local halva which also taste divine. When in Patra definitely try the loukoumia. When in the mountainous areas one should buy honey, walnuts, cherries, tea, chamomile, oregano, homemade pasta (hilopites) and trahana. Also Daphne has amazing honey with a subtle vanilla flavour.


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