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Aitolokarnania is a beautiful combination of both mountain and sea with the spectacular lagoons of Mesologgi and Aitolikos, the largest Greek lake Trichonida as well as smallesr ones, the Akarnakika and Lidorikiou mountains, the rivers of Acheloos, Evinos and Mornos, the ports of Nafpaktos and Amfilochia, the towns of Agrinio, Vonitsa and Astakos and the picturesque region of mountainous Nafpaktia.

The region has great water resources, developed agriculture (produce of tobacco, pulses, cereals, rice, olives), breeding of livestock as well as marine life in the West area.  There are also many salt marshes in Mesologgi.

Aitolokarnania is accessible via the Rio-Antirio bridge.

what to buy
  • Mesologgi roe
  • Nafpaktos feta cheese
  • Trahanas (type of pasta)
  • Spoon sweets
  • Local liquers
  • Kourabies and amigdalota (type of biscuits with nuts)
what to see
  • In Mesologgi: The Garden of Heroes, the Wall, the home of the poet Kostis Palamas
  • Mesologgi-Aitolikos lagoon
  • The Trikoupi museum
  • Papastratos archaeological museum in Agrinio
  • Thirio archaeological museum
  • Thermos archaeological ruins
  • Trichonida lake
  • Kleisoura gorge
  • The castle of Nafpaktos
  • The mountainous villages of Nafpaktia
  • Beaches: Amfilochia, Pelaros, Aitolikos, Mesologgi, Astakos, Nafpaktos, Vonitsa, Menidi
what to taste

Mesologgi has the tastiest eels in Europe and of course the famous high quality mullet roe.  In the mountainous part of Nafpaktia one can try excellent free range veal as well as chestnuts from the forests.  Nafpaktos feta cheese made from sheep's and goat's milk is well known. The local women's association named Aitoliki Gi produces delicious pasta, spoon sweets, jams, liqueurs and sweets.

Try grilled eel, meat with pasta soup, babanatsa, various pies, walnut sweet, halvas, citrus fruit flower liqueur.


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