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Arcadiani Arcadiani
Fasilis Organic Honey
Estate Tselepos
Domaine Spiropoulos
Winery Semeli
Ecofarm Peloponnese
Arkas Melissokomiki

The stunning region of Arkadia is one of mountains, high peaks, forests and flourishing vegetation.  Crowned with medieval towns and sights of true inspiration Arkadia is breath taking.  One can see: the mountains of Menalos and Parnonas and their picturesque villages, the historical monasteries and canyons, the ancient monuments of Tegea, Mantinia, Orhomenos and Eva Kinouria, the historical village of Dimitsana, the beautiful resorts of Vitina, Stemnitsa, Astros coast and Tiros, the castle of Karitena, Leonidio, Megalopoli, Likeo Mt, the amazing beaches of Plaka, Astros, Tiros, Sabatiki, Poulithra and Kseropigado as well as the famous canyon of Lousios.

what to buy
  • Wine
  • Menalos honey
  • Tripoli graviera (type of cheese)
  • Feta cheese
  • Mizithra (type of cheese)
  • Tegea potatoes
  • Garlic
  • Chestnuts
  • Apples
  • Local sweets
  • Tipota (local liqueur)
what to see
  • Tripoli archaeological museum
  • Vitina, Stemnitsa, Dimitsana, Karitena in Menalos
  • Menalos ski centre
  • Archaeological site of Tegea
  • Mantinia
  • Lousios canyon
  • Kosmas village in Parnonas
  • Kapsia Cave
  • Beaches in Astros, Leonidio and Kinouria
what to taste

Arkadia's culinary tradition can satisfy all types of visitors since the fertile land and the small differences in the area's climate makes it possible for almost everything to be produced.  Potatoes from Tegea, garlic from Lithovouni, sour cherries, chestnuts from Skirida, delicious apples Pilafa which have Protected Designation of Origin , all have amazing tastes and aromas.  Arcadia's dairy products are popular in many markets. The most sought after products are feta cheese, mizithra cheese and hand-made pasta made of local milk from traditional recipes.  Graviera cheese from Tripoli gets sold out instantly. The region of Mantinia has been well-known from medieval times for its grape varieties and wine growers have managed to continue the tradition by passionately making high quality wine, which they have been exporting to extremely demanding markets.  Many of Arkadia's delicacies are uniquely prepared compared to the rest of Greece, like lamb on the spit, kokoretsi(lamb's liver wrapped in intestines), lagoto (pork in red sauce), stifado ( meat cooked with shallots), cod with garlic dip, mousaka, patsas and kagianas (scrambled eggs with cured ham and tomatoes).

As far as desserts are concerned the many delicious fruits and nuts (chesnuts, apples, walnuts, quince, cherries, pears) are combined to create the perfect end to a meal.  The traditional spoon sweets (fruits in syrup with herbs) are well known for their quality since the fruit grown in the region is very aromatic.  Other well known sweets which are still made with old recipes are sfigi (fried dough with cinnamon and honey), sweet milk pie and moustalevria (a sweet made of grape must).


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