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Athens city is one of the most historic cities in the world. It was declared capital of Greece in 1834 and along with the wider area it was the administrative, financial, cultural, commercial and communicational centre of the country. The area with the exception of the part that is located towards the Saronic Gulf is surrounded by the mountains Egaleo, Parnitha, Penteli and Ymittos. There is also a series of small hills such as Acropolis, Lykabytus, Philopappous and Pnyka.

A large part of the town's historical centre has been converted into a 3-kilometre pedestrian zone (the largest in Europe), leading to the major archaeological sites reconstructing – to a large degree – the ancient landscape.

Don't forget to visit the Acropolis, the ancient agora, Thisseio, the Roman Agora, Elefsina archaeological site, Plaka, Peiraus port, Kastella, Metsovio Polytechnic, Akadimia, archaeological museum, Zappeio.

Wander around well known areas and visit the local markets: Kolonaki, Kifissia, Monastiraki, Psirri, Gazi, Votanikos, Keramikos, Peiraias, Kastella, Zea, Voula, Vouliagmeni, Rafina.  You can enjoy yourselves, eat and drink produce from all over Greece, visit museums and galleries.

what to buy
  • Feta
  • Honey
  • Tzatziki
  • Fava
  • Spinach Pie
  • Wine
  • Tsipouro
  • Retsina
  • Baklava
  • Yoghurt
  • Pasteli
  • Halva
  • Chicken
  • Beef, pork & lamb
  • Milk
  • Coffee
  • Spoon Sweets
  • Bakery Products
  • Biscuits
  • Ice Cream
  • Fresh Fruits
  • Fresh Vegetables
  • Fish & Seafood
  • Olive Oil & Olives
  • Nuts
what to see


  • Acropolis
  • Erechtheion
  • Thisseio
  • Ancient Roman Agora
  • Stoa of Attalos
  • Pnyx and Arios Pagos
  • Andrianos Gate
  • Temple of Olympian Zeus
  • Plaka  and Tower of the Winds
  • Odeon of Herodes Atticus
  • Elefsina archaeological site
  • Akropolis Museum
  • National Archaeological Museum
  • Byzantine and Christian Museum
  • Museum of Cycladic Art
  • Benaki Museum
  • Numismatic Museum
  • Elias Lalaounis Jewellery Museum
  • The Panathenaic Stadium
  • Lycabetus Hill
  • Filopappou Hill
  • Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Syntagma Square
  • Kessariani Monastery
  • Zappeion
  • National Theatre
  • Megaron – Athens Concert Hall
  • Onassis Cultural Centre
  • Michael Cacoyannis Foundation
  • Monastiraki, Gazi, Psirri, Zea, Kastella, Rafina
  • Vouliagmeni lake
  • Attiki beaches
what to taste

There are thousands of eating places in Athens; from traditional tavernas to gourmet restaurants, grills and tsipouradika (places with tsipouro and small plates of food-meze).  Plaka, Thyseio and Monastiraki are the top areas in Athens to offer you best quality food at competitive prices; there are beautiful traditional tavernas and small picturesque restaurants with fresh fish, meat and vegetables.  Apart from central Athens the suburbs also offer unforgettable gastronomical experiences.  Enjoy fresh fish and seafood in Glyfada, Varkiza, Vouliagmeni, Peiraias, Mikrolimano and Sounio and succulent grilled meats in Kifissia, Vari and Kalivia. 

You should definitely taste some traditional and popular delicacies such as souvlaki (small pieces of pork, beef, chicken, mixed meat on a skewer), mousaka (eggplants with minced meat and béchamel sauce), pastitsio (pasta with minced meat and béchamel sauce baked in the oven), Giouvetsi (manestra – type of pasta with veal), sausages, papoutsakia (aubergines stuffed with minced meat topped with béchamel sauce), rabbit or beef stew and lamb, pork or veal with lemon sauce. Those who prefer seafood are also lucky since Athens is one of the best areas to try fried calamari, stuffed grilled calamari, octopus cooked in wine, steamed or fried shrimps and crawfish, fried or steamed mussels, cuttlefish in tomato sauce or spinach and of course fresh fish including sea bass, sword fish, anchovy and the delicious pasta with lobster. Vegetarians will also have the chance to try various healthy recipes here including stuffed tomatoes, peppers, zucchini and eggplants, stuffed cabbage with rice and herbs, "giant" beans with fresh tomato sauce, briam (mixed vegetables with spices and herbs cooked in the oven) etc. You can always accompany your dinner with a glass of white/red wine, ouzo, retsina, tsipouro or beer.


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