Canned Food

The processing techniques of canned food help increase the storage life of a product without losing its nutritional value. Sealed in airtight packaging, canned food can last from 1 to 5 years. 

There are many kinds of canned food but one of the most popular is canned fruit, also known as "fruit compote": fruits are preserved in their juice with sugar for a long time, without losing their nutrients. There are also several types of canned vegetables (e.g. mushrooms), canned meat (e.g. corned beef), canned fish (e.g. sardines, anchovies) and ready-made traditional food such as canned giant beans or the infamous "dolmadakia" (vine leaves stuffed with rice and herbs).

Producers with Dairy Products


Kalloni S.A.
Nestos River
Nikoglou Zanae
Olive Oil & Oilves Agrovim
Greek Specialities Palirria
Pelekan Canning
Tsarouchas Makedoniki Gi
Kyknos Canning Company
Melissa Kikizas
Jenny Narkeli

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