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This is the greenest region of Crete: magical beaches, high mountains, deep gorges, caves, lakes, fertile land with olive groves and fruit orchards and the town of Chania with its traditional architecture and venetian monuments and the venetian port with its lighthouse.  The Leuka mountains disappear into the Libyan sea and the gorges and canyons appeal to all mountain climbers.

what to buy
  • Exceptional olive oil
  • Honey
  • Raisins
  • Pulses
  • Cretan rusks
  • Ksinomizithra
  • Raki
  • Rakomelo
what to see
  • Chania's old town and its charming port
  • The archaeological Museum
  • The maritime Museum
  • The historical archive of Crete
  • The Byzantine collection
  • The Museum of Typography
  • Municipal Gallery
  • The olive Museum
  • Fragokastelo
  • The Souda Museum
  • Samaria gorge
  • Therissos
  • Kournas lake
  • Omalos
  • The crystal clear waters of Xrisi Akti, Maleme, Finikas, Kolimbari, Falasarna, Agia Roumeli, Fragokastelo, Elafonisi with its sand dunes, Agios Paulos, Georgioupoli, Gavdos island
  • The very important Minoan, Roman, Byzantine archaeological monuments
  • The wild beauty of Western Crete
  • Sfakia with its traditional architecture and the vendettas
  • The watercave of Agia Marina
what to taste

Enjoy Cretan hospitality.  In August an exhibition of local produce takes place where all the secrets of the famous cretan diet are revealed.  The Cretans' long life is a result of their diet: olives and exceptional virgin olive oil, fresh fruit (oranges, peaches, melons, watermelons, grapes, bananas, avocadoes), vegetables and wild greens (stamnagathi is considered to be therapeutic), rusks and herbs from the mountains (oregano, diktamo, lavdano, thyme), raisins, sultaninas, pulses and honey.  At the seaside tavernas and the mountain villages don't forget to try the local boureki, fried kaltsounia (small pied with cheese), Iordanis bougatsa, kreatotourta(meat pie), dakos (barley rusk with grated tomatoes and mizithra cheese and olive oil), axinosalata, ksinomizithra, fava balls, staka (ghee) in the oven, gamopilafo (rice with staka), local wild boar, snails and lamb with stamnagathi (local wild greens).

One must accompany the meal with the local raki or rakomelo (raki with honey and cinnamon).


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