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Much as Chios is famous for its mastic, it is not the only "magic" one can find on this island. Alongside its rich history starting from the Neolithic Age and including adventures with Saracene pirates and the Turks during the Greek Revolution, Chios also claims to be the birthplace of Homer. It was certainly the birthplace of eminent Greek politicians and writers such as Adamantios Korais, Emmanouil Roidis and Alexandre Mavrokordatos.  Chios, part of the Northeastern Aegean island complex, is home to 53,000 people today. Explore the places where these people build their day-to-day lives: either in medieval settlements where Genoa and Chios meet, or in beautiful small towns by the sea, and participate in religious festivities where the locals make their own colourful history, such as the explosive Easter Sunday night in Vrontados.

what to buy

From Chios

  • mastic products
  • wine
  • souma (drink made from tsipouro and figs)
  • mastelo cheese
  • honey
  • pickles
  • spoon sweets (especially tangerine)

From Psara

  • mizithra (type of cheese)
  • thyme honey
what to see
  • the castle
  • archaeological museum
  • maritime museum
  • Korai library
  • Mills
  • The mansions in Cambos
  • Pirgi and Mesta
  • Kardamila and Volissos
  • Daskalopetra, considered to be the school of Homer
  • The temple of Apollo in Fana
  • Discover the undeveloped beauty of Psara and Oinousses
  • Many different beaches to suit all tastes, from fine golden sands to white pebbles
what to taste

According to the myth Dionysos's son taught the locals how to make ‘black' wine (Ariousios wine).  The grape varieties that are cultivated in Chios are krasero and agianitis.

Ask for the Ariousios wine, mastic liqueur, Chios mastelo cheese, orange juice, spoon sweets and souma (drink made from tsipouro and figs).

Try the local dishes such as goat in tomato sauce, avgokalamara, melitzanopilafo (rice with aubergines), fish and seafood, kritamo (type of wild green found by the sea) and pickles and fruit like neraboula, reglotes and petrokerasa. 

In Psara eat as many fresh lobsters as you can, try the tasty local mizithra cheese and the thyme honey.


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