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Corfu Beer
Acordo Corfu
Mavromatis Kumquat

This island complex consists of Corfu, Paxi and Othoni. Corfu is the most well-known of the Ionian islands and is a world wide tourist destination. The great climate, the olive groves, the lagoons and their important ecosystems and the rare wildflowers, the rich cultural tradition, the amazing beaches, the historical city centre which was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, with its fortifications, cobbled streets and Spianada square, Liston, Pontikonisi island, the Achilleion Palace and the Mon Repos Palace are few of the reasons why one should stay on the island.

Corfu is also the place of birth of the first ever Greek University, the Ionian Academy and also the first Fine Arts School.

Many traditional celebrations take place during the week commencing Easter, such as the tradition of throwing ceramic pots of water from the balconies in the old city of Corfu on the Saturday evening before Easter.

The island of Paxi was considered to be the love refuge of the ancient God Poseidon. Your stay here will be unforgettable with the turquoise waters, caves and endless groves and the vineyards and exotic beaches in Antipaxi.

what to buy

From Corfu:

  • Kumquat Liqueur

  • Olive oil

  • Butter

  • Graviera Cheese

  • Cheese

  • Mandoles, mandolata, pasteli (sesame seeds & honey)

  • Spoon sweets

  • Sikomaida (drink made of figs and ouzo)

  • Oregano

From Paxi

  • Honey

  • Olive oil

what to see

In Corfu:

  • The historical centre

  • The Ionian Academy

  • Saint Spyridonas

  • The Archaeological Museum

  • The banknote Museum

  • The Dionysios Solomos Museum

  • The Byzantine Museum

  • The Museum of Asian Art

  • Mon Repos Palace

  • Pontikonisi island

  • The canon of Corfu

  • The Achilleion Palace

  • The Beaches: Paleokastritsa, Glifada, Sidari, Peroulades, Agios Georgios, Ermones

  • Music festivals, religious celebrations

In Paxi and Antipaxi:

  • Gaios (the capital of Paxi)

  • Vrika and Voutoumi beaches in Antipaxi

  • A boat trip around the islands to see the caves

what to taste

Corfu is renowned for its high quality produce, especially its olive oil, Merlin oranges and kumquats, from which a special liqueur, unique to the island, is made. Also well-known are the mandoles (caramelized almonds), mandolato (almonds with honey and vanilla), pasteli (honey with sesame or pistachio nuts), pure Corfu butter, graviera cheese, Corfu cheese, ginger beer, sikomaida (figs with aniseed and ouzo).

Try local dishes like sofrito (slowly cooked veal), bourdeto (fish in an aromatic sauce), pastitsada (rooster or veal in red sauce with pasta), tsigareli (local hand picked greens sautéed), local pasta flora (greek jam tart).

In Paxi one can enjoy ample fresh fish and exquisite local wine.


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