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The dense forests, the mountainsides, the rivers and the caves, the villages, the churches and the monasteries, the bridges and the castles all compose a unique and diverse landscape.  One has the opportunity to wonder around the spruce forests and nature's monuments (caves and canyons), to go mountain and rock climbing, to visit the byzantine monasteries and churches, the cave of the river Agitis and the local museums.

what to buy
  • Traditional seeds
  • Wine
  • Tsipouro (drink made from distilled grape marc)
  • Nevrokopi potatoes
  • Drama feta cheese
  • Volakas sausages
  • Neverokopi beans
  • Kavourmas & pastrami
  • Herbs and spices from Falakros mountain
  • Kirgia halvas
  • Cranberry paste
  • Spoon sweets
  • Pomegranate juice
what to see
  • Drama botanical gardens
  • Drama archaeological museum
  • Nestos river
  • Fraktos forest
  • Aggiti cave
  • Pagoneri traditional settlement
  • Climbing in Falakros mountain
what to taste

The culinary traditions of this prefecture is also very interesting.  Potatoes from Nevrokopi are of high quality and have  Protected Designation of Origin, as are the beans.  Visitors also enjoy sausages from Volakas, kavourmas and all dairy and meat products in general.  The chestnuts from Mikropoli, the herbs from Falakro Mt, the feta cheese from Drama, blueberries, wild game, trout, exquisite wines and tsipouro from the region, halvas from Kirio, pomegranate juice from Saint Athanasios are all products that typical of the area.

In Pelitis village in Mesohori seeds from traditional plants may be obtained free of charge.

The local cuisine has great influences from Thraki and Asia Minor, since many from those areas found refuge in Drama.  One may try these types of dishes (itsli kiofte, houankiar beyerdi, yioulbasi) in tavernas in Drama and the village of Pagoneri.  In Kefalari one may try the local trout and in the villages of Mt Menikios many local grilled meats.  Do not forget to buy wine from the seven different vineyards of the region, halva from Kirgia, homemade pasta, cranberry paste, spoon sweets, pies from the Kokkinogia Women's association and cured meats (kavourmas, pastourmas, sausages,pastrami).


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