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Evia, the second largest island of Greece and the third in the eastern Mediterranean, is located close to the Prefecture of Attica. However, it has a somewhat mainland character, since two bridges - the modern, suspended one and the older, sliding one - link it to mainland Greece, called "Sterea Ellada".  Evia has wonderful beaches, a pleasant climate, renowned monuments, many thermal springs and tasty food and is, therefore, a popular and nearby destination for the inhabitants of Athens.

what to buy
  • wine
  • organic olives
  • ouzo and tsipouro
  • kissouri honey
  • kourkoubines (type of pasta)
  • Taxiarchi and Kimi figs
  • Mandoudi beans
  • Mushrooms and mushroom products
  • Karystos touloumotiri (type of cheese)
  • Local beer
  • Spoon sweets
  • Skyros trahanas (type of pasta) pie
  •  Skyros amigdalota
  • Skyros fava
  • Facial and body beauty products derived from the thermal springs
  • Soaps made from olive oil
what to see
  • Halkida with the byzantine churches, the historical castle of Karababas and the Evripos strait
  • Eretria, its ancient theatre and archaeological museum
  • Istiea and the monastery of Saint John the Russian
  • Edipsos and the world renowned thermal springs
  • The picturesque villages of Steni and the Agali gorge
  • Limni area with its beautiful beaches, the Saint David monastery, Galataki monastery and the folklore museum
  • Dirfios aesthetic forest, the wetlands of Mikro and Meglao Livari
  • Ancient Kirinthos and the relic of Saint John the Russian, the 15 million-year-old petrified forest in Kerasia
  • Agia Anna beach, especially for wind-surfing fans in Karystos and Marmari
  • The mysterious dwellings in Ochi and Dimosario gorge
  • Kymi folklore museum

In Skyros

  • Archaeological museum
  • Manos Faltaits Folklore museum
  • Medieval castle
  • Palamari prehistoric walled city
  • Ancient quarry in Pouria
what to taste

North Evia is renowned for the Edipsos and Istiea wines, the Rovia organic olives, Taxiarchi dried figs, pulses and Mandoudi beans.

In central Evia one can find the famous Kimi figs, Gialtra retsina (type of wine), local beer, Dirfis mountain mushrooms, ouzo and tsipouro and local sweets, such as baklavas, amigdalota and sweets made from grape must.

Southern Evia is known for its wine made from the grape variety Savatiano.  Try the spicy touloumisio cheese, Karystos kefalograviera and mizithra (types of cheese), tasty meats from livestock on the Ochi mountain, thyme honey, kissouri, olive oil, purple onions and Agios Dimitrios cherries.

In Skyros, as in the whole of Evia, there is an abundance of fish and seafood.  The island is also known for its cheese (kefalograviera, ksinotiri, dried mizithra), trahana (type of homemade pasta), honey and fava.

Try local dishes: kapamas lamb, rooster in wine sauce, broad beans with aubergines, Karystos sausages, cheese&pumpkin pie, courgette flowers, cod plaki (in tomato sauce cooked in the oven), Karystos paspalas, strapatsada, hilopites and trahanas (types of pasta), kourkoubines (Karystos local homemade pasta cooked with butter made from goats milk), Skyros pasta with mizithra cheese and mint, various pies, agalipokeftedes, manites.

Try local sweets: pasteli, green citrus fruit in syrup, milk pie, moustalevria, Skyros amigdalota and all spoon sweets.


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