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Evros is known for its natural beauty and the archaeological and historical monuments and sites. 

Evros has a long and rich cultural history; the medieval castle of Potamos and the Avantas castle, the ancient Treanoupolis near Loutros village, Doriskos and Mesimvria Zoni archaeological sites, Didimoticho castle, Plotinoupoli and Panaghia Kosmosotira byzantine temple built in 1151 by prince Isaac Komninos.

The wetland of the delta of the Evros river which is protected by the international Ramsar treaty, Dadias forest with its dense fir trees, oak trees and the protected habitat of rare raptors, Soufli with its silk production and its rich folklore tradition and the beautiful Kastanies village on the Ardas river bank mesmerize visitors.


Referred to in mythology as the island of Aeolus, Samothraki is wreathed by mount Saos, the highest mountain on the Aegean islands; legend has it that Poseidon sat on its top to watch the  war of Troy. The attractiveness of the island now stems from the steep peaks of the holy mountain of the ancient gods, the pebbly beaches, the streams and rivers, the pristine natural beauty, the famous healing springs, and the archaeological findings.

what to buy
  • Thracian trahanas (type of homemade pasta)
  • Marmelades and spoon sweets from forest berries
  • Ritseli (sweet made from pumpkin or watermelon in a syrup)
  • Herbs & spices
  • Samothraki graviera (type of cheese)
what to see
  • Alexandroupoli, the lighthouse, the park, Zarifio Pedagogical Academy
  • National folklore Thrace Museum
  • The forest on the banks of the Ardas river
  • Mesimvria  Zoni archaeological site
  • Byzantine temple of Panagia Kosmosotira
  • Orestiada
  • Soufli and the Silk museum
  • Dadia forest
  • Evros river delta
  • Ancient Treanoupoli
  • Feres thermal springs
  • Alexandroupoli and Samothraki beaches
  • Samothraki archaeological museum
  • Samothraki vathres (Hundreds of crystal watered streams flowing  from mount Saos forming waterfalls and stone basins)
what to taste

 The area is known for the Thracian trahanas (homemade pasta), ifkadia, cous cous, oumats, marmelades from forest berries, ritseli sweet, liqueurs (cranberries, pomegranate, mint, sour cherry), homemade pies, herbs and spices.  Try local dishes: lahania (veal cooked with cabbage, cherry tomatoes and chilli pepper), tzigerosarmas, kavourmas (cured meat preserved in fat and lard), vatos (type of fish) fried with garlic dip, spicy sausages, souvan kefte, hazorlop (local sweet).

In Samothraki try the wild goat on the spit or cooked with quince, the spicy graviera (type of cheese), praousti (local sweet).


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