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Charcuterie Stremmenos

An area with high mountains, rivers, gorges, lakes, picturesque villages and traditional guest houses which make it a top winter destination.  Its is also great for alternative activities, from mountain climbing and paragliding to skiing and white water rafting.  The area also played an important role in the Resistance and Independence movements during the Turkish occupation.

what to buy
  • Tsalofouti (type of local cheese)
  • Honey
  • Royal jelly
  • Hilopites (type of homemade pasta)
  • Trahanas (type of homemade pasta)
  • Prosciutto
  • Sausages
  • Tsipouro (drink made from distilled grape marc)
  • Rakomelo (drink made from tsipouro and honey)
  • Spoon sweets
what to see
  • Karpenisi village built on a steep hill with the byzantine church of Agia Triada and Kefalovriso
  • Velouhi ski centre
  • Traditional guest houses
  • Kayaking and rafting in Karpenisiotis, Krikelopotamos, Aheloos, Agrafiotis
  • National Resistance museum in Korischades
  • Proussos monastery
  • Fir covered Miriki
  • Agrafa mountains and the Agrafioti gorges
  • Bridges, caves and churches
what to taste

When in Evritania try local products: tsalafouti (local cheese), butter made from goat's milk, exceptional honey and royal jelly, hilopites and trahanas (homemade pasta), cured meats, mushrooms, sour cherries, chestnuts, tsipouro, rakomelo, chocolates, homemade spoon sweets and liqueurs.

Try kontosouvli (pork on a spit with different herbs), kokoretsi (lamb's liver wrapped in intestines roasted on a spit), prasotigania (pork fried with leeks), kebab, sausages, prosciutto, boubari (meat and rice stuffed in goat's intestine), wild trout in Krikelopotamos river, mushrooms in tomato sauce and pie with wild greens.


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