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Galaxidi Marine Farm

Seek for answers at the Delphi sanctuary.  Although there are no longer any oracles, the light in the temple of Apollo, the history of the place and the amazing wildlife of the area will definitely captivate you.  The archaeological site of Delphi is on the UNESCO World Heritage List; it has an archaeological museum and the European Cultural Centre.

Fokida can meet visitors' demands all year round; four of the highest mountains in Greece (Parnassos, Giona, Iti, Vardoussia), Mornos lake, Parnassos ski centre (the biggest in Greece), Oria castle in Amfissa, beautiful Galaxidi and the spectacular beaches of Itea.

what to buy
  • Amfissa olives

  • Cheese

  • Soutzoukia

  • Trahanas and hilopites (type of homemade pasta)

  • Desfina rusks

  • Spoon sweets

  • Petimezi (sypup made from grape must)

what to see
  • Delphi arcaheological site and archaeological museum

  • Delphi European Cultural centre and the house of poet Aggelos Sikilianos

  • Galaxidi

  • Parnassos ski centre

  • Amfissa

  • Agios Ioannis Prodromos monastery

  • Beaches: Eratini, Kirra, Itea

what to taste

Try Amfissa olives, Desfina rusks, Roumeli kontosouvli (pork with herbs and spices cooked on a spit), fish and seafood in Itea, trahanas and hilopites (type of homemade pasta), sweets and ravani in Galaxidi. 

Arahova wine is excellent, made from kasteliotiko and kokkinari grape varieties.  Tsipouro, moustalevria, petimezi and soutzoukia are made from the grapes' must. 

Try Parnassos fir tree honey, homemade spoon sweets (apples, sour cherries, walnuts), kokotakia (fried dough with honey) and halvas (sweet made from sesame).


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