Fruits and Vegetables

Vegetables and fruit are the basis for a healthy diet; their consumption is recommended based on the Mediterranean Diet which is the healthiest.  Obviously their benefits are even higher when consumed fresh.

Greece has large productions of fruit and vegetables because of its unique soil and climate.  Delicious fresh fruit and vegetables from all over Greece can be bought and consumed thus enriching your diet and strengthening your body.

Producers with Fresh Fruit and Vegetable


Creta Taste
Enipeas Valley
Kanakas Bros
Zagorin Cooperative
Dirfis Mushrooms
Agricultural Cooperative of Rachi Pieria Agios Loukas
Agricultural Association Anatoli
Agricultural Producers Asop
Petras Group
Apples Kiku

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articles about Fruit and Vegetables

Breast Cancer Weapons: Fruit, Vegetables and, Maybe, Olive Oil

Evidence continues to mount indicating that many of the foods people eat may either protect against cancer or promote its growth. In the newest report, being published today in The Journal of...

Five Steps to eat more like a Mediterranean this year. Step 5: It’s all about the condiments.

The final step to eat like a Mediterranean is to add herbs, garlic and lemon to everything. Ok, well almost everything. We know from research that the Mediterranean diet is not about eating...

recipes with Fruit and Vegetables

Stuffed eggplants (Imam Baildi)

A delicious vegetarian dish with origins from Asia Minor.


This famous Greekl meze is used to counterpoint rich, grilled meats (e.g souvlaki), but can be used in more diverse ways. Place a small plate full on your dinner table for people to scoop up small...