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The breathtaking beauty of the Pindos mountain range, the dense forests, the villages of Samarina, Perivoli and  Ziaka, Valia Kalda, the lake of Flegga, the mountain Orliaka, the rivers Venetikos and Arkoudorema, the skiing centre of Vasilitsa, the traditional guest houses and the flavours, aromas and tastes deriving from original greek traditions, make Grevena a top winter destination, although it is just as beautiful in all seasons.

The region has developed alternative forms of tourism such as water rafting and kayaking in Aliakmonas river, horse riding in the forests, hiking along stone paved routes, over old bridges and monuments and skiing.  The area is also known for the archaeological findings of valuable paleontological research.  A recent excavation in Milia revealed tusks 4,39cm long, probably the oldest in the world, estimated at 3 million years old.

what to buy
  • Feta cheese
  • Batzios (type of cheese)
  • Avebato (type of cheese)
  • Kefalotiri (type of cheese)
  • Manouri (type of cheese)
  • Hilopites (type of homemade pasta)
  • Mushrooms 
what to see
  • The town of Grevena
  • Pindos National Park in the Valia Kalda valley
  • Milia Natural History Museum
  • Vasilitsa ski centre
  • Perivoli & Samarina villages
  • Lochmi and Aidonia villages on Voios mountain range
  • Lavdas mushroom museum
  • Deskati
  • Kayaking in Aliakmonas river
  • Horse-riding in th forests
what to taste

The most important business activity in the area is cheese making.  Feta cheese, kefalotiri, batzios, anevato, manouri have Protected Designation of Origin and are the most well known dairy products of Grevena.

There is also an industry of traditional pasta making (hilopites, trahanas, petoura).  In Mt Pindos there are more than a thousand different types of mushrooms and the locals enjoy picking them and making various products from them ( pasta with mushrooms, mushroom spoon sweet, mushroom liqueur, pickled mushroom, mushroom powder).

Enjoy the local specialities like mushroom soup, partridge in tomato sauce, hare in batter.


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