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Anyone who has swum in Halkidiki has experienced heaven.  Sparkling blue water, endless golden sandy beaches, pine forests, extensive olive groves, many hotels and resorts, every discovery a unique experience. 

One of the reasons Halkidiki is such an amazing place to visit is the morphology of the trident of Poseidon (the three peninsulas of Halkidiki) and the protected Mount Athos. 

what to buy
  • Olive oil
  • Honey
  • Feta cheese
  • Trahana (type of pasta)
  • Herbs and spices
what to see
  • Agio Oros (Mount Athos) –for men only
  • Boat trip around Mount Athos
  • Ancient Stagira
  • Ancient Olynthos
  • Beaches: Sani, Sarti, Skioni, Posidi, Fourka, Agia Paraskeui, Paliouri, Hanioti, Athito, New Marmaras, Porto Koufo, Toroni, Sikia, Vourvourou, Agios Nikolaos, Panagia Cove, New Roda, Ouranoupoli, Pirgadikia
  • Petralona Cave
  • Traditional settlements in Athitos, Paliouri, Arnea, Poligyros
  • Ammouliani island
what to taste

Halkidiki produces a great amount of olives and olive oil with distinguished quality and taste.  The village of Metagitsi produces olive oil from the ‘blue' olive, which is a unique variety not found anywhere else in the world.  There are more than 6500 beekeepers producing honey in the areas of Cassandra, Sithonia and mountainous Halkidiki.

The mountain Holomonda produces most dairy products, especially goats cheese, and many herbs, spices and teas.

Being on holiday in Halkidiki also has many culinary advantages.  One can enjoy a rich breakfast with local honey, marmelades and jams and lunches and dinners with abundant fresh fish at the numerous tavernas by the sea and local meats at the mountainous villages.  Don't forget to try grill fish and seafood, chicken with trahana (type of pasta made of flour and milk), goat in lemon sauce, rice pudding.


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