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When visiting the region of Imathia one may to enjoy unique ruins from ancient Greece and the Byzantine, mountainous treks, fertile lands, ski centres, climbing, mountainbiking, parapente, vineyards, local cuisine and wines with Protection of Destination of Origin.  The archaeological site  and King Phillip's tomb as well as  ancient Macedonians'  tombs are in Vergina, as are the school of Aristotle in the Nymphaeum Mieza where the ancient philosopher taught the Great Alexander, the Byzantine Veroia and many monasteries.

what to buy
  • Wine
  • Tsipouro
  • Revani from Veria (semolina cake)
  • Spoon sweets
  • Preserves


what to see
  • The royal tombs and archaeological museum of Vergina
  • The town of Veroia , the Clock square, the olive park, the byzantine monuments and the old city
  • Veroia archaeological Museum
  • Aristotle's School
  • Tomb of Anthemia
  • The old town and the sacrificial area at the Arapitsa river in Naoussa
  • 3-5 Pigadia ski centre
  • Seli ski centre
  • Vineyards
  • Panagia Soumela monastery
what to taste

During the Carnival and also in autumn the whole region participates in the distillery of the grape marc which is used in the production of the local tsipouro drink.

Imathia is known for the fruit and vegetables it produces which can either be consumed fresh  or pickled, as spoon sweets, canned or preserved.

Trahanas (type of pasta), wild greens pies, nettles and wild greens and game (especially wild boar) are all delicious local dishes.

One must try patsavouropita (type of cheese pie), moustopita (sweet pie made of grape must), dodourmas, anthotiro cheese pie, loukoumades (fried dumplings), jams, spoon sweets and the famous Veroia revani (semolina cake).

The famous Greek grape variety called Ksinomavro is produced in Naoussa and there are also many vineyards one can visit.


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