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Kastoria, Macedonia's hidden treasure, is a city which boasts a long fur trade tradition!  The city that flourished during the 19th century due to fur trade is built on the shores of the beautiful lake Orestiáda, surrounded by imposing mountains.  Wander around the old neighbourhoods of Doltsó and Apozári, and admire the 19th century grand mansions (three-storey buildings with large windows and enclosed balconies), owned by the rich fur traders of Kastoriá! Take a leisurely walk around the lake, watch the birds that inhabit this fantastic wetland, or board the ferry to enjoy a romantic lake cruise! Climb to the top of the hill, and take in breathtaking views of the city.

what to buy
  • Giant beans
  • Wild mushrooms
  • Wine
  • Chestnuts
  • Walnuts
  • apples
  • kefalograviera (type of cheese)
  • sweets with mastic
  • mint sweets
what to see
  • Kastoria with its byzantine monuments and the lake
  • Dispilio Neolithic lakeshore settlement
  • Wax, folklore and prehistoric museum
  • Museum of  the Macedonian struggle
  • Ragoutsaria, the Kastoria carnival
  • The Dragon cave
  • Vitsi ski centre
what to taste

 Kastoria's treasure is its famous giant beans, which are cooked in all sorts of ways and especially with onions and tomato sauce. It also has Greece's most tasteful wild mushrooms and chestnuts. Other products that you should try are the famous fruit preserves as well as cheeses such as feta and kefalograviera. 

Food enthusiasts will find that as in the rest of Macedonia, the cuisine of Kastoria has an exceptional preference to all sorts of pies. Particularly try the onion pie of Nestorio as well as the sweet milk pie and sweet pumpkin pie. Other local delicacies that you should taste include sarmades (casserole of cabbage leafs stuffed with mince and rice) and the pork stew served with leek or celery. At lakeside taverns do not forget to try dishes with fish from the lake such as the oven cooked grivadi (carp fish) with fresh tomato.


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