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The area is known from ancient times for its strategic position from the Trojan war until later years.  The first use of iron in the Balkans was recorded in ancient Amidon, nowadays named Axiohori, the capital of ancient Peonia.

The  mountainous masses (Mt. Paiko, Belles and Kroussia) as well as its water areas (Lakes Doirani, Pikrolimni, Limni Metalliou, Rivers Axios and Gallikos) are ideal destinations for exploration, relaxation and an unprecedented contact with nature. Accommodation throughout the prefecture can satisfy the most discerning visitors.

what to buy
  • Goumenissa wine
  • Tsipouro (drink made from distilled grape marc)
  • Gerakona honey
  • Goat's cheese
  • Sausages with leek
  • Goumenissa spoon sweets
  • Perek (fried dough with various flavours)
what to see
  • Kilkis arcaheological museum
  • Kroussia Balkan botanical gardens
  • Agios Georgios cave
  • Skra waterfalls
  • Goumenissa vineyards
  • Goumenissa Folklore museum
  • Agios Rafael monastery
  • Horseriding in Kilkis ranch
  • Take a picnic in Mouries
what to taste

The grape varieties Ksinomavro and Negoska  (Protected Designation of Origin) make the "Goumenissa" wines, tsipouro (drink made from distilled grape marc) and grappa of exquisite quality.

The local cuisine is influenced by the Greek refugees from Pontus and Thrace.  Sheep and goat's cheese, sausages with leek, game, pies, pontus products such as yes tirin, paskitan and tsiokalik (types of cheese), pligour (cracked wheat), perek (fried dough), tanomenon sourva (soup from wheat) and pickles are all food one can try anywhere.

Although the area is known for the tasty meats, it is also known for the local lake fish named grivadi. 

Try the spoon sweets of Griva, Filiria and Eptalofos and the Gerakona honey.


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