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Beautiful Lesvos with many streams, rich flora and fauna, famous olives groves, the mild Mediterranean climate, charming traditional villages and remarkable examples of industrial architecture (olive presses, soap factories, tanneries) dating from the Island's industrial development in the 19th century, impresses all visitors.  Lesvos, is also known for the unique fossilized forest covering the Sigri-Eressos-Antissa area.  Mytilini is the Capital of Lesvos and of the Prefecture, and is one of the most ancient Greek cities.  It extends over seven hills and the traditional houses coexist in harmony with neoclassic mansions, Byzantine temples, refugee neighbourhoods and ancient monuments.

what to buy
  • Olive oil
  • Plomari ouzo
  • Pine and thyme honey
  • Agiasiotiko halva
  • Kalloni anchiovies
  • Ladotiri (type of cheese)
  • Feta cheese
  • Wine
  • Local pasta
  • Amigdalota
  • Herbs & spices
what to see
  • Mytiline and its villages
  • Mytiline archaeological museum
  • Theofilos museum
  • Byzantine museum
  • Modern art museum- Teriade library
  • Museum of Lesbian costume and embroidery
  • The Church of Taxiarchis Madamados
  • Charming Molivos
  • Agios Rafael monastery
  • Panagia Glikofiloussa in Petra area
  • Stratis Mirivilis home in Sikamnia
  • Skala Kallonis
  • Sigri fossilized forest
  • Plomari, known for its ouzo and soap production
  • Thermal therapeutic springs of Eftalous
  • The crystal clear sea of Eressos
what to taste

All products from Lesbos carry a quality stamp; excellent olive oil, ouzo, honey, preserved fish, wine, local cheeses, cherries, walnuts, pasta, herbs, halvas, spoon sweets and pure soaps.

Try sougania (onions stuffed with minced meat and rice), octopus cooked in vinegar, tomatoes stuffed with octopus, kolokithoanthous (courgette flowers) with cheese, aubergines imam (stuffed with onions, tomatoes and herbs), giouzlemedes (small pies), Mitilini sfouggato (type of omelet with vegetables), Kalloni sardines, fisherman's rice, trahana (type of pasta) soup, scallops, snails, pork cooked with quince.


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recipes from Lesvos

Amigdalota (Sugared almonds) from Sikaminia

A traditional easy sweet from the beautiful island of Lesvos