There are, indeed, dozens, if not more, different traditional Greek pastas, and certainly dozens of ways to cook them. Some contain eggs and milk, but most are a simple mixture of durum wheat or semolina, water and salt. From cups to twists, to strands to squares, Greeks eat pasta in countless shapes and sizes. Traditionally most Greek pasta was made and dried at the end of the summer. Women are still the keepers of Greek pasta traditions, but mainly they gather together in regional cooperatives to make and then sell an array of artisan pasta. Such co-ops now exist all over Greece, on mainland and island alike. They tend to produce a conservative array of the most traditional shapes, especially hilopites (noodles that come in two basic shapes: small squares or thin, fettuccinelike strands), rice-shaped pasta (kritharaki or manestra), and a few other traditional, popular types.


Ta Mylelia
Oi Goumenisses
Xrisafis Lemnos
Arcadiani Arcadiani
Helmos Helmos
Dirfis Mushrooms
Kandylas S.A.
Mediterra Masticha Shop
The Trinity Farm
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Though Greece may be a country of bread-eaters, the subject of regional pasta is quite vast. There are dozens, if not more, different traditional Greek pastas, and certainly dozens of ways to...

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