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Visiting mount Olympus, the home of the ancient Greek Gods and the tallest mountain in the country, is a once in a lifetime experience.  The area is steeped in history; From the prehistoric settlement of Makrigialos, ancient Pidna and ancient Dion, to the various byzantine monasteries and the Platamonas castle. 

Pieria will leave a lasting impression with a 70 km long coastline with golden sand, woods stretching to the sea, gorges (Enipea), small lakes and ski centres on high mountain tops (Elatohori).

what to buy
  • Butter cream
  • Anthotiro (type of cheese)
  • Wine
  • Tsipouro from koumara (drink made from distilled koumara – type of forest fruit)
  • Kolindros loukoumades (fried dough with honey)
  • Katerini pudding
  • Marmelades
  • Spoon sweets
what to see
  • Olympus mountain climbing
  • Dion archaeological site and archaeological museum
  • Water sports and swimming at beaches: Methoni, Makrigialos, Pidna, Korinos, Paralia, Plaka, Litochoro, Gritsa, Skotina, Platamonas, Nei Pori
  • Platamonas castle
  • Agios Panteleimonas traditional settlement
  • The old Dionysos monastery
  • Hiking in Pieria mountain
  • Enipea gorge
  • Elatohori ski centre
  • Litochoro maritme museum
  • Aliakmonas river delta
what to taste

The area will entice you with its flavours.  Bougatsa (cream pie) for breakfast, fish by the sea or local meats at Pieria (stamnato, giouvetsi, grilled, sausages) for lunch, patsas and various pies (leeks, onions, rice, cabbage) for dinner.

Don't miss the local dairy products (feta cheese, manouri cheese, anthotiro cheese, sheep's cream butter).

Complete your meal with local sweets; kourkoubinia, walnut pie, touloumbes, Kolindros loukoumades, Katerini pudding.  One can enjoy the fruits produced in the area (figs, watermelons, kiwi, cherries, firikia – type of apple-, pears) either fresh or preserved in syrup, as a marmalade or spoon sweet, all prepared in a traditional manner.

Agriambelo (wild vine) made its appearance 9000 years ago on the mountain of the god Dionysos.  Deriving from it is the exquisite grape variety Kombogoula.  Don't forget to also try the tsipouro either from grapes or koumara (type of forest fruit).


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