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Preveza "breathes" thanks to the Ambracian Gulf, an ecosystem of exceptional biological, ecological and aesthetical value, the Ionian coasts, and the surrounding forests. In the picturesque streets of Preveza there are old mansions, gardens and flower-filled yards, while its surroundings boast olive groves, exquisite beaches, and archaeological sites.  Preveza is known for Ancient Nicopolis, the Acheron River and the Necromanteion (Oracle of the Dead).  Riding on the banks of the Acheron River during the summer is a tantalizing experience.  The archaeological site of Nicopolis was founded by the Roman Emperor Octavian, to commemorate his victory against Marc Antony and Cleopatra VII of Egypt at the naval battle of Actium (31 BC).

what to buy
  • Traditional pasta
  • Cheese
  • Local liqueurs
  • Herbs and spices
what to see
  • Necromantium
  • Archaeological site of Nikopolis
  • The town of Preveza with its picturesque port
  • Archaeological museum of Nikopolis
  • The town of Parga and Ali Pasa castle
  • The castles of Promahonas, Agia, Bouka, Preveza, Ligia, Pantokratoras
  • Kokkinopilos village
  • The deltas of rivers Arachthos and Louros
  • Zirou lake
  • Swin in Pantokratoras, Mitikas, Psathaki, Lichnos, Odysseas cove and Parga
what to taste

Local produce consists of fish, fruits, sweets, herbs and spices.  Local dishes include chicken in wine sauce, sea bream with garlic sauce, shrimps gabari and sardines.


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