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Evangelos Tsantalis
Macedonina Thrace Brewery

Rich flora and fauna,lakes,traditional villages and coastal resorts characterize an area where Christian and muslim culture coexist in harmony.

With a remarkable history that can be seen at the archaeological sites of Maximianoupolis-Mosinoupolis, the Neolithic settlement, ancient Ergani near Maroneia and the Macedonian Tomb, medieval monuments and bridges, Neoclassic buildings, the Armenian quarter, Teneke Mahala, Imaret and the picturesque mill of Tsamis in Komotini, but also the cave of Cyclops and the wetland of Ismaris in Maroneia.

what to buy
  • wine
  • ouzo & tsipouro (drink made of distilled grape marc)
  • loukoumia & Soujouk Loukoum
  • sweets
  • karamelised stragalia (roasted chick peas)
  • tahini (paste made of sesame) & halvas (type of sweet made from tahini)
  • coffee
what to see
  • In Komotini the old town, old market, Teneke Mahala, the armenian quarter, the Mosque of Eski, the mill of Tsamis
  • the archaeological sites of Maximianoupolis-Mosinoupolis in the village of Mishos
  • the Neolithic settlement in the village Paradimi
  • ancient Maroneia, the cave of Cyclops and ancient Ergani
  • the Macedonian Tomb in Symvola
  • the wetland of Ismaris
  • the beaches of Plataniti, Imeros, Alkiona
  • on January 8th every year the festivity of "bambo" (feminist tradition)
what to taste

The traditional local cusine has influences from Thraki, Pontos, Eastern Romilia, Kappadokia, Turkey and Armenia.  Famous local dishes include: tzigerosarmas, kavourmas, tas kebab, roasted aubergine, kapamas, babo (xmas dish), beans with pickles, pork with pickles, manti (ravioli filled with minced meat), tanosour.  The region  produces wine, tsipouro, ouzo, cherries and roasted chick peas in different flavours.

Soujouk loukoum with walnuts, loukoumia, sweets, malebi, samali, halvas, tahini, petimezi, different types of pies and freshly roasted coffee are also delicious.


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