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Union of Vinicultural Cooperatives Samos

Samos is a verdant island with beautiful beaches, traditional villages, significant archaeological sites and famous wine.  The homeland of many philosophers and mathematicians of antiquity such as Epicure, Aristarchus and Pythagoras. 

Ikaria is a place with a rich mythological past, whose name is linked to the mythical figure Icarus. Sandy beaches, running waters, mountains and lush green hillsides compose the majestic picture of the island.  Ikaria is also famed for its thermal springs, unique in the whole world for their chemical composition and radiation. Moreover, the unparalleled local lifestyle with a unique work-rest schedule, the famed festivals with traditional dances, the local manners and customs, are very impressive features for the visitors.

Known also as Fourni Corseon, because particularly during the Byzantine times it was a Corsair base. Corsairs do not exist anymore, but Fourni continue to captivate the hearts of visitors. It is an island complex between Ikaria and Samos, which includes three big islands (Fourni, Thymaina and Aghios Minas) and nine smaller ones.

what to buy
  • Exceptional moschato wine
  • Honey, royal jelly
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Herbally infused olive oil
  • Hamades olives
  • Armogalo
  • Graviera (type of cheese)
  • Anthotiro ((type of cheese)
  • Spoon sweets and jams
  • Herb liquers
  • Throubi
  • Various pickles
  • Balsam oil
what to see
  • The town of Samos,Pythagoreion, Karlovasi
  • Eupalinian aqueduct
  • Samos archaeological museum
  • Pythagoras cave
  • Ira and Artemis temples
  • Ancient mine
  • Sarakini tower
  • Lykourgos tower
  • Historical and folklore museum in Karlovasi
  • Wine festival
  • Karlovasi, Vathi, Ireon, Marathokambo, Kokkari in Samos, Agios Kirikos and Evdilos in Ikaria, Fournoi
what to taste

На Самосе производится еловый мед, пыльца и маточное молочко, а также каштаны, тимьян, кумара, мята и труби, дикий горный чай, исключительное оливковое масло, армогало, гравьера и антотиро (типы сыра) и, конечно, известное сладкое вино мосхато Самоса.

Местная кухня Самоса испытала на себе влияние беженцев из Малой Азии, ее ни с чем не спутаешь, в основном, по причине использования двух трав - труби и пеларгонии (арбарориза).

Отведайте козлиную ногу с чесноком и картофелем, или же фаршированную козлятину, фаршированные овощи, оладьи из гороха, пирог с тыквой, дерматотири (местный сыр), паспала (тушеную свинину), катимерия, жаренный мак с тарама, виноградное сусло, макароны. Сопроводите данные блюда местным вином, узо или сума (напиток из ципуро и инжира).


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