Sauce and Condiments

Sauces are thick liquids served with food or during the preparation of dishes, usually savory dishes, to add moistness and flavor.  Sauces are used to balance the food while improving its taste and its texture.

Greece's fertile land produces excellent basic ingredients for the creation of tasty sauces; tomatoes and olive oil are used to make delicious sauces for pasta, meat and poultry.

There are also a variety of Greek condiments: the famous tzatziki (yoghurt with cucumber, garlic and olive oil) always found next to a souvlaki, skordalia (a garlic dip mad with either bread or potatos) usually served next to fried cod, tyrokafteri (feta cheese with chili peppers) which usually accompanies grilled meats and of course ladolemono (virgin olive oil with lemon and oregano) which always accompanies fresh grilled fish.

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Aggelakopoulos Estate
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