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Greece is a country with a large tradition in quality fishery. With a 4,000-kilometre coastline around the mainland, plus a further 11,000 kilometres around the Greek islands, Greece offers excellent conditions for fishery operations: the waters around Greece are home to about 250 marine creatures.

The Greek sea fishery landsaround 130,000-160,000 tonnes of fish and seafood every year. About 90% of this total are caught in the Aegean Sea. The most important species are sardine, anchovy, seabream, seabass and Mediterranean mussels. The catch taken from the Ionian Sea to the west of Greece mainly consists of European anchovies, pilchards and picarels, whereas in the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions several thousand tones of swordfish, long-finned tuna (albacore) and frigate tuna are caught.

Greece mainly exports live, fresh and chilled fish and seafood, less so processed products. Mussels are at the top of the list of marine export product; in second place is seabream, fresh or chilled and in third place is seabass also fresh or chilled.

The fish canning sector export more than 1,600 t of produce, mainly mussels and molluscs every year most of them to France, Albania, Germany and Italy. In the frozen fish export sector it is mainly sardine which is sent to Italy, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania and Bosnia-Herzegovina. In the category ‘dried, salted, in brine or smoked seafood' Greece mainly exports anchovies.

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