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Bread, savory and sweet pastries, rusks, cookies and anything made from flour are considered flour confectionary.  Bread is very important in the Greek diet and therefore there are many different kinds: zimoto, horiatiko, polisporo (with various seeds), prozimi, with corn flour, or with various herbs, olives, cheese etc.

One of the most common snacks in Greece are pies; filo pastries stuffed with various ingredients.  Each area tends to have its own recipe for its local pies; cheese pies, spinach pies, leek pies, pumpkin pies, meat pies, chicken pies and many more.  There is also a great tradition in baking various types of cookies and rusks; Crete also has its own Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) rusk, the Cretan rusk.

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Xrisafis Lemnos
Arcadiani Arcadiani
Krousaniotissa Krousaniotissa
Elviart SA
Wellaby's Wellaby's
Haitoglou Bros
The Manna
Felea Goods
Mediterra Masticha Shop
Company Terkenlis

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