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Olive Oil Doukas Estate

The prefecture is full of wetlands with rich flora and fauna. On arrivel, you should visit Kastri forest and Drepano which is a beautiful area with a long sandy beach and a lagoon.  Other areas of  natural beauty include the delta of Kalama river, Acherontas river and Acherousia lake.  The delta of Kalama is an area of great importance both at a national (nature protection) and European level (it has been declared a Site of Community Importance and Special Protection Area for birds).  The region is also popular for its intensive development of agriculture  (citrus fruits, corn and alfalfa), fishing and fish farming in the maritime area.  Few places can compete with the beauty, tranquility and crystal clear water of Acherontas river.  Some of the prefecture's most important and interesting museums and sights to visit include Ragiou tower, Gitani, Elea, Souli castle and basilica Glikis.

what to buy
  • Tsipouro (drink made from distilled grape marc)
  • Sausages
  • Galotiri (type of cheese)
  • Kefalograviera (type of cheese)
  • Feta cheese
  • Souli trahanas (type of pasta)
  • Spoon sweets
  • Herbs & spices


what to see
  • Igoumenitsa archaeological museum
  • Archaeological sites: Funerary Heroon at Marmara Zervochoriou, Kasnetsi castle, Polineri, Raveni, Fanoti, Dimokastro, Gitani
  • Byzantine monuments and settlements: Outzinas, Paramithia, Palia Evria, Fotiki
  • Churches and monasteries: Kimisi tis Theotokou (the Assumption of the Virgin Mary) Giromeriou Holy Monastery, Agios Georgios Kamitsianis Holy Monastery, Panaghia Paramithias Holy Monastery, Agios Donatos, Agia Paraskevi Pountas
  • The green waters at the beaches of Sivota, Perdika, Plataria and Sagiada
  • Acherontas river bank
  • Kalamas river


what to taste

The area is known for its local tsipouro and wine, fresh traditional pies, spoon sweets, local cheeses, local meats like kontosouvli and sausages, handmade trahanas (type of pasta) and herbs and spices.  There is plenty of fish in all seaside villages.


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