Traditional Greek Sweets

Traditional sweets and desserts are prepared in every part of Greece, especially on the islands. Marmalades, spoon sweets, pasteli, halva, loukoumi (greek delight) or mandolato are some of our delicious and nutritious desserts, made from fresh local ingredients and also rich in vitamins and in amino acids.

The healthiest Greek sweets are our traditional marmalades and the so called spoon sweets, which are made from different fruit enclosed in small jars.  Oranges, lemons, apricots, plums, cherries, bergamot, grapes or tomatoes (and even nuts, mushrooms or olives), can all be seen as ideal delicacies for a healthy breakfast when combined with yoghurt or as a delicious treat for your friends. You can easily stock your kitchen and avoid any unnecessary last minute expenses when needing a dessert, as our preserving jars last a long time.    

Pasteli is a very popular sweet.  It was widely used as a stimulant during the Olympic Games or as a treat after wedding ceremonies. It is considered to be an "energy bar" or a super snack, as its main ingredients are sesame, honey and nuts.  It's mentioned in Homer's "Iliad" and also in Herodotus' and Aristophanes' work. It is a strong antioxidant, rich in vitamin E, phosphorus, potassium, iron and fiber. There are two main ways of preparing a pasteli: "melato" (with honey), encountered in Peloponnese, and "tragano" (crunchy), which is produced in the islands. 

Melekouni is one of the most famous sweets in the Dodecanese. It is made of sesame seeds, honey, almonds, orange and spices and it is of high nutritional value. Its traditional production was part of the wedding preparations on the island of Rhodes and it was considered one of the biggest celebrations. All women were gathered together, preparing the "melekounia of joy" while singing.

Halva is a key feature of the mediterranean diet. Its basis is sesame or semolina and it's occasionally enriched with vanilla, cocoa, peanuts or natural Chios mastic. There are many types of halva but the best known are sesame halva, semolina halva and the Farsala halva.

Halvadopita is a small round cake with  an almond paste filling.

Mandolato is a very popular product throughout the Ionian Islands and Cyclades and is made from almonds, honey, low sugar and meringue.

Mandoles are caramelized almonds with sugar and natural colouring.

Loukoumia (greek delights) with rose, bergamot, Chios mastic, pistachio and almonds are produced in many parts of Greece. One of the most famous are the small loukoumia produced in Syros, also known as "bites". A unique type of loukoumi is also produced in Serres, known as "akanes", with a distinctive strong taste due to the use of goat butter during its process.One other well known type of loukoumi is "soutzouk loukoum", encountered in Komotini and in Thrace.

Molasses are an acquired taste, recently used widely in haute cuisine. It is a concentrated juice, extracted after boiling the grape must during the process of wine production. It has a distinctive sweet and sour taste.

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