Water and Non-alcoholic Beverages

Water is the most essential nutrient for the human body. Consuming water frequently is vital for our system. Greece is famous for its high quality water and it is of no wonder why tap water consumption is popular across many regions of the country, while bottled water consumption is preferred throughout Europe. Moreover, the sources from which bottled water is produced have minor differences regarding their content in minerals, unlike the european ones. 

Soft drinks, packaged juices and iced tea are widely popular in Greece, where a vast number of producers are engaged in the sector of non-alcoholic beverages. Due to its rich vegetation and the large production of fresh fruits, Greece provides raw material of the highest quality when come to the production of packaged juices or soft drinks, like lemonade, orange juice or sour cherry juice. Several producers throughout the country are involved in this sector, producing traditional, high quality products.

Producers with Dairy Products


Korfi. Korfi
Family Christodoulou
Chios Fruits
Loux Loux
Natural Mineral Water Seli
Water Samarina
Spring Olympos
Florinas Dinaki
Agricultural Producers Asop
Koukaki Farm

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