Coffee is a widely popular beverage across the globe, made from the roasted, ground seeds of the coffea plant (or coffee plant). 

Due to its content in caffeine, an alkaloid constituent found in the seeds of its fruit, coffee has a refreshing effect. That's why it is largely used as a tonic and it is usually consumed in the morning or during work hours.

There are many kinds of coffee, varying depending on the production process or the place of origin. There is filter coffee, espresso, cappuccino latte coffee, americano and  instant coffee.

In Greece however, the typical coffee beverage is the so-called Greek coffee, which is named differently in other countries: it's called Turkish in Turkey, Arabic in Middle East and Cypriot in Cyprus.

The basic tool for its preparation is a certain type of pot named "briki", in which the mixture of water with coffee (and sugar) is boiled, after stirring it with a spoon. The typical characteristic of greek coffee is its cream (also known as "kaimaiki"), a thick foam on its top created while boiling the mixture. It is served in a special, small cup similar to that of an espresso.

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