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Amphitheatrically built on the foot of the Rodopi mountain range, Xanthi is located in Thrace.  The narrow cobbled streets of the Old Town are adorned with gorgeous mansions, whose architectural style is a marvelous blend of local and ottoman architecture as well as Greek Neoclassical architectural style. Together with the Byzantine churches and the picturesque squares, the city's Old Town could be said to be an open museum, the glory of which remains untouched through the years.

Nature lovers will discover that Xanthi is an unspoiled paradise: the serpentine river Nestos, its Delta (the unique aquatic forest of Europe) and its passes, the Drymos Forest (or Haidou), Lake Vistonida, the forest village of Erimanthos and Rodopi mountain range with its virgin forests and traditional villages are only some of this destination's gems. Among the mountain villages the "Pomakohoria" particularly stand out, a cluster of approximately 40 villages north of Xanthi, renowned for their cultural and architectural uniqueness.  Adventure seekers and nature lovers will feel excited by the variety of possibilities offered: canoe-kayak in Nestos passes, hiking, cycling, bird watching, archery, off-road driving and horseback riding are only a few of the activities that someone can pursue in Nestos, Livaditis or Vistonida area.

what to buy
  • Sweets
  • Mouhalebi (sweet cream wth rosewater)
  • Kariokes (chocolate with nuts) and nougats 
  • Loukoumia
  • Smoked fish
  • Yioufkades (type of pasta)
  • Sausages
  • Marmalades with forest fruits
what to see
  • Xanthi and its beautiful old city
  • Xanthi Folklore museum
  • Avdera archaeological site
  • Stena forest and the delta of Nestos river
  • Nestos valley and the train
  • Erimanthos forest village in Livaditis
  • White water rafting in Nestos river
  • Porto Lagos lagoon
  • The thermal springs of Thermes and Genisea in Avdera
  • Relief of Mithras in Kato Thermes in Pomakochoria
  • Xanthi carnival
  • Beaches: Mirodato, Erasmio, Maggana, Avdera
what to taste

The prefecture produces fruit, vegetables, potatoes, legumes, asparagus and mushrooms.
Stock production and dairy products of the mountainous regions are also very important to the area.  There is also a production of poultry, river trout, fish and sea food fished in the Thracian sea or raised in fish farms of Porto Lagos.
Some of the most popular dishes of the region are tzigerosarmades (liver wrapped in intestines), pork or chicken with pickled cabbage, chicken with couscous, sweet or salted pies, lachanodolmades (minced meat wrapped in cabbage), local sausages, dishes with peas or beans and pulses.

The cuisine of Xanthi prefecture is very unique; it is a combination of traditional Thracian tastes and recipes with influences from Asia Minor and the cuisine of Pomakoi.  Do not forget to try sausages, pastourma (dried meat usually from camels), kavourma (a local salami), sarma (bowels of lamb stuffed with rice and spices), yioufkades (type of pasta), chilopites (type of pasta) and kebab. On the coasts you can taste fresh fish and sea food. Xanthi is also popular for its sweets made from excellent quality ingredients. Sweets like karioka, saragli, nougkas and others, as well as its amazing eastern syrup sweets have made Xanthi very popular.


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